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I’m a conceptual creative and multidisciplinary art director, based in Stockholm.

I started my career creating animated films and exhibitions for museums, where I learnt how to explain very complicated things in an easy, engaging and fun way. I can highly recommend trying to explain patent protection to a six-year-old

I moved on to working with advertising. I learnt how to fall in love with the brief, fall out of love with the brief, have heated arguments at 3 am with the brief and then kiss and make up with it again. And I learnt that limitations get me going and that problems are challenges, put on this earth to be solved.

Recently I returned to school and graduated 2015 as Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island. During my year I became deeply emerged in digital brand strategy, team development, storytelling, how to give and receive feedback, user experience, leadership, interactive sensors, and turning music into meatballs. Among other things.

Currently working as Conceptualist at Seventy Agency.



2015 - Seventy Agency, Conceptualist, Stockholm

2015 Masscreation, Art Director, Stockholm

2015 Digital Creative Intern, B-Reel, London

2010-2014 Rethink, Art Director, Copenhagen

2008-2010 Freelance, Art Direction and Graphic Design, Stockholm/Copenhagen

2006-2009 Story, Graphic Designer and Animator, Stockholm



2014-2015 Hyper Island, Interactive Art Director, Stockholm

2004-2006 Forsbergs Skola, Graphic Design and Advertising, Stockholm

2004 Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk, painting, drawing and photography

2002-2003 University of Brighton, Visual Culture

2001-2002 Södertörn University, Media and Communication studies, Stockholm



Aurora Awards 2010, shortlisted

Kolla! 2008, nomination

Kolla! 2007, nomination

Guldägget 2007, silver/film