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Imitation Inspiration

Imitation Inspiration: an exhibition concept on copyright

Interactive concepts and design for the exhibition about copyright and patent protection, 'Likt Unikt/Imitation Inspiration', at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.

Insight: For children and teenagers, copyright and patent protection are big and boring words. But it’s present in their everyday lives, in the form of music: remixes, samplings and covers and in the form of innovations and brands.

Solution: I created interactive installations with music, where you could listen to songs and guess which was a cover and which was original, play your your own remixes on a keyboard and listen to the world’s most sampled song (James Brown ”Funky Drummer”).

I also created two games: One where you could create your own brand: choose a product, create a strategy and design the label, and one where you could make a new invention by combining two existing ones.

Client: National Museum of Science and Technology. Produced by Story.

My role: Concept, art direction & illustration.